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Trulia Helps Renters Stand Out and Landlords Save Time with New Rental Resume

With Trulia Rental Resume, landlords can sift through inquiries quickly and renters can better stand out from the crowd

Traditionally speaking, landing a new rental home or apartment has been a bit of a cumbersome and daunting task, especially in competitive markets where the demand far exceeds the supply. Listings come off the market quickly and it’s easy to miss out on your dream rental or even individual room if you aren’t able to differentiate yourself. To help renters stand out from the crowd, Trulia is introducing Rental Resume. With this feature, renters can quickly and easily provide landlords vital information – from income to move-in date to pet ownership – upfront, as soon as they find a listing that interests them. For landlords, Rental Resume gives the gift of time by helping them more easily and efficiently identify qualified renters.

Trulia Rental Resume Onboarding Desktop

Trulia Rental Resume onboarding Q&A for desktop

Save Time
Time is valuable and needs are specific, for both renters and landlords. Now, with Rental Resume, renters can better focus their rental inquiries on properties that accommodate their target move-in date, pet status, number of tenants, and more. Rental Resume saves this information through a fast and simple questionnaire so renters can automatically attach it to all future inquiries with just one click, freeing up more of their time to find the right place. On the flip side, this feature helps landlords cut down on time spent sifting through unqualified applications, and it can give them peace of mind knowing they have the right tenant.

Boost Odds
Landlords are constantly flooded with inquiries about their properties. Providing the most important information right from the onset with Rental Resume may help a renter’s chances of getting a timely response and ultimately landing their next rental. At the same time, the landlord can find out right away whether or not a prospective renter matches what they are looking for. In the unfortunate case that someone doesn’t fit the bill, wouldn’t they rather know that before going through all the motions of applications and credit checks? We think yes.

Stand Out
It is not always easy for landlords to find the most qualified tenants through other websites and apps. Renters can meet all the criteria of a model renter and still go unnoticed if another renter beats them to the punch. With Rental Resume, renters can show off their great credit score – and any other highlights – as early in the process as possible. Plus, at any point in the process, hopeful renters can edit their Rental Resume to reflect new and different information.

Trulia began rolling out this feature to all platforms – desktop, mWeb, and our mobile apps for iOS and Android – earlier this year. Onboarding is quick and easy – we only ask the questions we know matter to landlords. As a result, more than 2 million inquiries have been sent to landlords with a Trulia Rental Resume attached.

Check out how it works in the video below, and go start your Rental Resume today and we’ll help you land your perfect rental!