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Tag: Open House

wet dog, test drive a home
4 min read

8 Sneaky Ways To Take Your New Place For A Test-Drive

While that newly renovated condo looks great in photos, what’s really behind the rapturous Chicag...
Meaghan Agnew
buyer with listing agent
4 min read

What To Ask A Listing Agent During An Open House

Visiting an open house should be more than just a casual walk-through of the home with commentary...
Virginia C. McGuire
open house for sale
4 min read

6 Things Buyers Can Do To Ace An Open House

Even if you start your house hunt on Trulia, traditional home-buying methods like open houses are...
Blake Miller
2 min read

The Worst Things to Say to a Seller’s Agent

More isn’t always better — especially when it comes to talking to a seller’s agent. Your buy...
Shanon Emerson
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best time to buy a house
4 min read

Is Spring the Best Time to Buy a House? Maybe.

Whether it’s the warmer weather, the pending summer break from school, or simply a seasonal menta...
Meaghan Agnew
home decorating trends shiny hardware
3 min read

5 Design Trends That Turn Off Buyers

Our homes may be a reflection of ourselves, but this philosophy can backfire when you’re putting ...
Brie Dyas
mom and daughter in their childhood home
4 min read

Why I Bought My Childhood House

Buying a home can be challenging, but there’s one lesson real estate agents often stress over and...
Kelly O'Reilly
3 min read

7 Signs A Home Seller Is Ready To Bargain

As a buyer, any piece of insider information you pick up can provide a strategic advantage. In re...
Wendy Helfenbaum