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a romantic home for rent in Traverse City, Mich.
5 min read

Romantic Homes Under $1,500 You Can Rent Right Now

It’s natural to want the best for your significant other—including when you’re lookin...
Emily Benefield
7 min read

Rental Homes You Can Snag Right Now for Under $1,000

Whether you’re looking for rental homes or apartments, finding a place for under $1,000 com...
Brie Dyas
6 min read

These Trendy and Affordable Rental Homes Deserve a Design Award

Style or affordability? We say you can find both. Proof that you needn’t sacrifice your top...
Julie Davis
foodie cities dallas
4 min read

6 Strategies for Negotiating Rent Decreases in January

It’s a fact: When the temperature drops, so does your competition for rental units. No one wants ...
Laura Agadoni
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apartments for rent under 1000 phoenix kitchen counters
4 min read

6 Secrets You Shouldn’t Keep From Your Landlord

If you ever kept mum as a child rather than fessing up about breaking something, you’re not...
Laura Agadoni
4 min read

Should Renters Change the Locks? Essential Move-In Questions to Ask.

You’ve found your ideal apartment, signed the lease, and exchanged the keys. You’ve a...
Lindsey Grossman
landlord-tenant law, landlord breaking law
5 min read

Your Landlord May Be Breaking the Law: What Are the Signs to Watch For?

From frustrating nonrefundable deposits to shady lease agreements, some landlords out there just ...
Laura Agadoni
things to do while apartment hunting
7 min read

10 Crucial Things Renters Should Do Before Signing A Lease

Finding the perfect rental can be a challenge — scouring listings, cramming multiple viewings int...
Christine Stulik