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Tag: Interest Rates

mortgage rate lock
4 min read

Should You Lock In A Mortgage Rate?

Shopping for a mortgage is kind of like playing the tables at Vegas: there’s skill and luck invol...
Laura Agadoni
best interest rate advertised on sign
3 min read

3 Reasons You Might Not Get An Advertised Interest Rate

With all the hype about historically low interest rates, you may decide that now is the right tim...
Kali Hawlk
consult mortgage lenders to buy that house
4 min read

10 Crucial Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Mortgage

Buying a home is time-consuming. Before you even start searching for that perfect property, wheth...
Andrea Murad
woman on her computer learning how to pay off your mortgage faster
4 min read

4 Reasons To Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster (And How To Get It Done)

The moment when your mortgage is paid off and you truly own your beloved piece of Seattle, WA, re...
Kali Hawlk