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Tag: DIY

3 min read

Daylight Savings Is the Perfect Time For House Maintenance

Daylight savings time rolls around twice a year for most of the country, and while it may moderat...
Michelle Hainer
bathroom updates under $100
4 min read

The $100 Bathroom Makeover

A boring bathroom is wasted opportunity. But you can turn the smallest room in your home into a p...
Lori Johnston
inexpensive home improvement projects
5 min read

10 High-Impact Home Improvements You Can Do for $10K or Less

For all the focus we put on transactions — buying and selling — the truth is that for most of you...
Tara-Nicholle Nelson
refinish your hardwood floors in April
5 min read

Best Home Improvements For Every Month Of The Year

Once you become a homeowner, the number of things you need (or want) to improve increases exponen...
Michelle Hainer
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7 Kitchen Upgrades Under $5K That Boost Home Values
5 min read

7 Kitchen Upgrades Under $5K That Increase Home Values

It’s likely you spend much of your time at home in your kitchen, cooking, entertaining friends ov...
Jessica Bowne
house flip bright and modern living area
3 min read

Looking For A Flip-Worthy House? Must-Haves For Every Room

While location is key in almost any real estate transaction, that’s not all you should consider w...
Michelle Hainer
3 min read

10 Easy Ways to Battle Winter Blues in Your Home

Whether you’re officially suffering from seasonal affective disorder, can’t deal with...
Sabrina Rojas Weiss
how to keep the house warm in the US
3 min read

How To Keep Your Home Warm, According To People Who Live In America’s Coldest Cities

The struggle to keep warm is real, especially when temperatures start to dip below freezing. No o...
Michelle Hainer