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4 min read

6 Strategies for Negotiating Rent Decreases in January

It’s a fact: When the temperature drops, so does your competition for rental units. No one wants ...
Laura Agadoni
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3 min read

How Homebuyers Can Prepare For the Potential American Tax Bill

If you’re looking to buy a home, your ears might have perked up when you heard that the Sen...
Kayla Albert
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3 min read

How to Take Control of Invisible Drains on Your Finances

If someone were to take a hefty amount from your bank account, you’d most likely notice, especial...
Kayla Albert
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3 min read

How Much Mortgage Can You Afford?

According to the latest data from Trulia, the median selling price for a home is $192,000. That&#...
Kali Hawlk
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Everything you need to know about homebuying

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6 min read

8 New Costs of Owning a Home You May Never Have Considered

You learn a lot about a house once you live in it for a few months. You hear some creaky sounds; ...
Julie Schmit
5 min read

Avoid These Renter Rip-Offs

Even if you’re the perfect tenant and expect to receive your full deposit back after move-out, yo...
Laura Agadoni