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Rental Homes You Can Snag Right Now for Under $1,000

Whether you’re looking for rental homes or apartments, finding a place for under $1,000 com...
Brie Dyas
a move-in ready apartment in West Village
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Move-in Ready Apartments (Already Furnished!)

Everyone has their own priorities during their apartment search. For some, it’s all about g...
Emily Benefield
Furnished apartments for rent in Boston MA
4 min read

Apartment Cleaning Checklist for Before You Unpack

You’ve been thinking about how great your mid-century modern coffee table is going to look ...
Emily Benefield
6 min read

Rent an Apartment for Under $2,600 in Popular Zip Codes

Whether you buy or rent, location can make a big difference for your budget. Rents are higher the...
Brie Dyas
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6 Strategies for Negotiating Rent Decreases in January

It’s a fact: When the temperature drops, so does your competition for rental units. No one wants ...
Laura Agadoni
bathroom updates under $100
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The $100 Bathroom Makeover

A boring bathroom is wasted opportunity. But you can turn the smallest room in your home into a p...
Lori Johnston
apartments for rent under 1000 phoenix kitchen counters
4 min read

6 Secrets You Shouldn’t Keep From Your Landlord

If you ever kept mum as a child rather than fessing up about breaking something, you’re not...
Laura Agadoni
buying a home in nashville bright blue
3 min read

Can You Still Rent With Bad Credit?

Real talk: Many landlords rely on a credit check to vet potential renters—especially in competiti...
Paula Pant