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The Six Degrees Of Ellen’s Real Estate Empire

Ellen DeGeneres Real Estate
It’s no secret that Ellen DeGeneres is a real estate mogul. But you’ll be star-struck when you see the list of celebs in her real estate portfolio.

Ellen DeGeneres is a comedian, dance machine, and successful daytime talk-show host — and she’s also a legit real estate mogul. She claims to have bought more than a dozen houses, many of which she has renovated and flipped. This year, Ellen even released a book, Home, wherein she shares photographs and design tips from seven of the homes she has bought and sold.

But what you might not know is that Ellen’s double life as a real estate mogul often includes buying and selling houses to and from other celebs. The transactions include some A-list (and some B- and C-list) celebrities, such as Brad Pitt, Heath Ledger, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Lawrence, Nick Jonas, and more — a spiderweb of celeb real estate connections that we’re calling “The Six Degrees Of Ellen’s Real Estate Empire.” Check out the timeline below to learn about the Ellen DeGeneres real estate empire, then scroll down to get the details on each deal.

The Ellen DeGeneres Real Estate Empire

2004: Ellen bought a 1951 California ranch-style home in Los Angeles, LA nicknamed “The Treehouse,” eventually selling it to producer David Weissman, who sold it to Heath Ledger, whose estate sold it to Adrian Bellani. (Bellani also bought the house next door from Ellen in 2007.) The current owner, Josh Hutcherson, bought the home in 2012.

2006: In March 2006, Ellen sold a property in the Hollywood Hills to Will Ferrell for $9 million.. She bought it three years earlier from Max Mutchnick, co-creator of Will & Grace.

2007: Ellen sold a home in Santa Barbara, CA, to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt for $20 million — it would go on to become more famous than its celebrity owners when Kim Kardashian chose to marry Kris Humphries here in 2012. (She filed for divorce 72 days later.)

2011: In 2011, Jordana Brewster bought it for $3.375 million, selling it for $3.767 million to move into a house in Mandeville Canyon, CA. But guess who owned it first? Ellen, of course. She bought the home in West Hollywood, CA, for $1.7 million, turning around and selling it for $1.93 million. Also in 2011, Ellen bought Brad Pitt’s former bachelor pad in Malibu, CA, (post-split with Jennifer Aniston) for $12 million. Ellen sold it the following year to cosmetics entrepreneur Victoria Jackson for $13 million.

2012: In May, Ryan Seacrest spent $36.5 million on Ellen’s enormous, 15,000-square-foot compound in Beverly Hills, CA. Ellen had purchased the home — fully furnished — from Mutchnick after being invited over for an American Idol viewing party.

2014: In January, Ellen bought the Brody House, a massive Mid-Century Modern manse — which happens to be right next to the Playboy Mansion — for $39.88 million. Then in July, Ellen sold the Brody House to Sean Parker, founder of Napster and first president of Facebook, for $55 million.

Next up, in October, Jennifer Lawrence bought a home formerly owned by Ellen. It was also once owned by Jessica Simpson — and by Rick Yorn (manager of Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz). What a tangled web!

2015: Landlord alert! Ellen rented out one of her (furnished) homes to Nick Jonas.