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Say Hello To My Little House – Scarface Home Renting for $30k Per Month

For you movie buffs out there, this house should be pretty familiar, especially the large white fountain in front, which was the location of one of the most iconic scenes from the legendary Scarface. The home was chosen by director Brian De Palma as the expression of the ultimate luxury estate for the film. Here’s a sneak peek into movie magic for you, though: this home is actually located in Santa Barbara, not the sultry and seductive city of Miami, where the plot and scenes of the iconic 1983 movie are based. While it’s on the opposite coast from Miami, the home is clearly worthy of a Tony Montana-like lifestyle.

The Mediterranean-style home known as El Fureidis is situated on over 10 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Designed by renowned architect Bertram Goodhue, the mansion is one of Santa Barbara’s most magnificent Mediterranean estates. If you head over to Google Tranlator, you’ll see that El Fureidis translates to ‘Little Paradise’ – and it’s an aptly given name for this incredible rental.

Featuring spectacular gardens with multiple levels of cascading pools and magnificent tiling, there is an indoor and outdoor fountain, bar, patio, spa, swimming pool divided into quadrants, and guest house. There are also gorgeous views of the Pacific from almost every window of the estate and palm trees surrounding the back of the house.

This estate is almost as legendary as the movie that was filmed there. It went up for sale with a gasp-inducing asking price of $35,000,000. Every potential buyer must have balked at the price, as the home eventually sold for the much lower price of $6,239,000. Between then and now, it’s also been on the rental market for $150,000 a month.

Now, any movie buff or luxury home enthusiast can “say hello” to the home – if they’ve got the more down-to-earth sum of $30,000 a month!