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The Rent is Too Damn High

In many cities, rents are going up.

The average cost of renting has gone up 6.3% in the last year, so we took a look at a few key cities to see how rents compare across the US. The biggest thing we learned: In many places, rents are high—and getting higher. San Francisco’s monthly rent has risen 14.5% since last year, making the 3.9% increase in Washington, DC seem like a veritable bargain. And while the cost of renting in New York rose slightly higher than the average national increase, a monthly rent check can represent a whopping 56% of your monthly income. (Guess that means it’s time to get a roommate.) Cities like Phoenix, where rent averages 26% of the typical person’s monthly income, balance things out a bit. But overall? We feel you, Jimmy McMillan. Rent Infographic