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Can You Match The Home To The Listing Price?

real estate test
Take this quick real estate test to see if you can match the home to the listing price. (Don’t forget to factor in location, style, and size!)

In the wild world of real estate, it’s easy to judge a home by its exterior without considering current market conditions. So to put your real estate skills to the test, we created a real estate test with unique homes for sale in Portland, OR, Houston, TX, and more. Match each listing price to the correct home to determine whether you’re a property pro or a real estate newbie. Tips before you start: Remember that location matters, but don’t forget size and curb appeal! (Scroll down to reveal the real listing prices.)

Interested in learning more about the homes in our real estate test? Check out the listings and photo galleries below!

1. Did you correctly guess which house is listed at $250,000?

2. If you picked the home in Mount Pleasant, SC — you’re right!

3. Which home looked like a million bucks to you?