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Most Hungover Cities

Trulia ranked the cities most likely to party hard on New Year’s Eve and start off 2017 with a nasty hangover!

Everybody pop a bottle and let’s say goodbye and good riddance to 2016. While some people may look at New Year’s Eve as a time to reflect and get ready for a fresh start, for others, the holiday is all about ringing in the new year with a champagne toast (or two). So where are these party people?

To find out, Trulia refreshed its Hangover Index to see where you’ll likely find the most people nursing a killer hangover on January 1. First, we ranked 150 large American cities based on the number of drinking establishments, firecracker stores, party supply stores and party equipment rental stores per household. We then looked at the share of young adults, aged 18-34, and the share of adults who say they’ve had at least 1 binge drinking incident within a month of the survey. To calculate the index, each city was then ranked on each of these categories. The city with the most party suppliers, young people and binge drinkers scored higher as a place to party.

You might think New York City is the center for New Year’s Eve celebrations, but the home of the ball drop doesn’t even make the top 10! Instead, if you are looking for a good time (and a headache to follow) to start 2017 off right, head West! San Francisco and San Diego top the list at #1 and #2 spot respectively, while New York City is ranked #34 on our list. Check out which cities ranked highest on our Hangover Index below.


If poppin’ champagne isn’t in your plans, check out Trulia’s New Year’s Eve “By the Numbers*.” You might be pleased to learn that hangovers cost Americans $148 million per year due to missed work and poor job performance.



Regardless of where and how you celebrate, we wish you a safe and Happy New Year!

Methodology: Yelp data was gathered on drinking establishments, firecracker stores, party supply stores and party equipment rental stores. Additionally, the percent of each metro’s population made up of people ages 18 through 34 was calculated using census data and the percent of each metro’s population who reported binge drinking was pulled from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Each metro was then ranked on each of these categories and an overall rank was derived from these rankings.

*Facts included in the By the Numbers graphic were sourced from the following: 2000 Study from Annals of Internal Medicine,, and an interview with Union College anthropologist James Schaefer.