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Category: DIY

3 min read

Daylight Savings Is the Perfect Time For House Maintenance

Daylight savings time rolls around twice a year for most of the country, and while it may moderat...
Michelle Hainer
3 min read

8 Ways To Increase Your Home’s Value On A Budget

Increasing the value of your home when selling can be a difficult task, but a few home improvemen...
Robyn Woodman
3 min read

10 Ways To Protect Your Home While On Vacation

The season of long weekends and beach getaways is upon us, and the last thing any homeowner wants...
Ginny Gaylor
3 min read

How to Host a Budget-Friendly Backyard Wedding

Just when you think you’ve hit a ceiling for high wedding costs, the price tag skyrockets even fu...
Francesca Faris
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refinish your hardwood floors in April
5 min read

Best Home Improvements For Every Month Of The Year

Once you become a homeowner, the number of things you need (or want) to improve increases exponen...
Michelle Hainer
3 min read

Got 15 Minutes? Try One of These DIY Party Ideas

So you’ve decided to have a few friends over for a little holiday gathering. If you’r...
Becki Singer
3 min read

9 Easy Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom on the Cheap

Sorry to get TMI on you, but we all spend a lot of time in the bathroom. And many things about th...
Sabrina Rojas Weiss
how to keep the house warm in the US
3 min read

How To Keep Your Home Warm, According To People Who Live In America’s Coldest Cities

The struggle to keep warm is real, especially when temperatures start to dip below freezing. No o...
Michelle Hainer