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The Most Lavish Features You’ll See in Luxury Listings

In a world where private beaches are a given, what does luxury mean, exactly?

Premium homes are making up a larger share of the real estate market in 2017. To understand what luxury truly means these days, Trulia explored the category on our site. Along with spectacular views, privacy, and lush acreage, what more do homes like this have to offer?

We combed through our listings to find some of the most extravagant features in real estate. Check out some lavish properties and the features that make them super luxurious:

  1. 1. Swim Up Bar in Rancho Mirage

    Price: $9,795,000

    Bedrooms: 5

    Check out the: Free form pool with a grotto and swim up bar

  2. 2. Indoor Golf in Beverly Hills

    Price: $45,000,000

    Bedrooms: 10

    Check out the: Indoor golf simulation room

  3. 3. Bullet Proof Glass in Vegas

    Price: $22,000,000

    Bedrooms: 6

    Check out the: Bullet- proof glass throughout

  4. 4. 24k Gold Carvings in Kings Pt

    Price: $6,988,000

    Bedrooms: 7

    Check out the: Five fireplaces with 24K gold carvings

  5. 5. Helipad in Oakley

    Price: $30,000,000

    Bedrooms: 8

    Check out the: Sprawling estate with a helipad

To find out more about the Luxury Real Estate market, check out Trulia’s report When It Comes to Homes, $5 Million Is the New $1 Million.