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8 Months After Buying, Kelsey Grammer Attempts to Sell Beverly Hills Mansion

With three properties already on the market, Kelsey Grammer is throwing a fourth into the mix by officially listing the home he recently purchased for new wife Kayte. In April 2012, Kelsey and his fourth wife purchased this six-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion for $6,500,000. It recently went up for rent for $30k a month, and now, it’s officially for sale for  $7,250,000!

Here’s the backstory: Kelsey originally bought the estate for new wife Kayte and their baby Faith as a home base when they relocated from New York City permanently in 2012. Shortly after the move to the West Coast, Kelsey’s show “Boss” got canceled, leaving him to re-evaluate his finances. Rather than stay in the new home, Kelsey decided to move the family into the OTHER house he owns in Beverly Hills that’s currently on the market for $16 million. Ex-wife Camille is pissed about the move, because she’s legally a co-owner and has been paying her half of the carrying costs on the home, which clock in around $40,000 a month. With Kelsey’s new family living in the house, it’s going to be even harder to offload, costing Camille even more money–she even went as far as requesting an injunction from a judge to bar the move! The motion was denied, and Kelsey’s now back in the higher-priced home, new family in tow.

It seems like the war between these two former spouses will never end.

Kelsey himself admitted that he has to move back into the higher-priced home he previously shared with Camille because, without income from his TV show, he’s strapped for cash and can’t afford to carry two Beverly Hills mortgages. Hopefully this latest home to hit the market will sell for a profit, and he’ll be back in the money again.

Grammer has other homes for sale in Malibu, Beaver Creek, and Beverly Hills–all three of which he owned with his ex-wife Camille–that must be sold as a part of the pair’s divorce settlement agreement. The faster they’re scooped up, the sooner these two new lovebirds can officially move on with their lives.