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Luxe Agent Profile: Joel Goodrich of Coldwell Banker Estate Previews International

Today we’re pleased to feature Joel Goodrich, an incredibly accomplished and connected San Francisco real estate agent that has sold some of the most incredible and iconic luxury real estate in the City by the Bay.

Up and down San Francisco’s famed “Billionaire’s Row” and beyond, Joel has listed and sold homes to and for the who’s who of San Francisco society. When he’s not busy selling luxury real estate, Joel fills his time with a myriad interests that include movie production, fashion, interior design and technology. In addition to being stellar agent, Joel is a man about town and has been on 2 best-dressed lists, is a regular at Paris Fashion Week, has been on the Red Carpet at the Grammys and was an executive producer on two indie movies.

Let’s learn more about Joel and the secrets to his success!

How did you get your start in real estate?

My real estate career really took off when I started staging my own properties – I had an orchid collection and would put my orchids and other accessories in my listings, which caught people’s attention, and soon I was getting a lot of calls; I also was very involved in the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and was President of the Golden Gate Business Association. I also got involved in various charities and soon was mixing in the City’s social circles, which led to a lot of very high end business in listing and selling some of San Francisco’s most iconic properties.

What sale or career milestone are you most proud of?

My first $10 million+ sale, representing the buyer of Sharon Stone’s Sea Cliff estate.

What is your dream home location?

My dream home location is where I’m at – A Nob Hill Penthouse with incredible views, fireplace and high ceilings- I never planning on leaving! It is in a classic 1920’s Art Deco building and has been featured in 2 publications- one headlined it “Versace Meets Versailles- in the Sky” and the other “The Gilded Life!”

What kind of car do you drive?

Mercedes C240. I used to have a sports coupe, but it’s not practical for real estate!

iPhone, Android or BlackBerry?

Blackberry. It’s still the quickest and most accurate for email, and I live on my email.

What site/app do you check first when you wake up?

I start checking email about 6:30 or 7 (though my phone stays on at night in case of overseas calls), then as soon as I’m caught up, I check the stock market, particularly the companies my clients are invested in.

What was the last book you read?

The great architect Andy Skurman’s new book Contemporary Classical- Andy is a good friend and does the most fabulous houses and apartments in the City!

Name your favorite guilty pleasure.

Going to the Chanel Show during Paris Fashion Week!

What’s another fun fact about you?

I grew up being a competitive figure skater. I started in the Bay Area, then when I was 10 moved to Paris where I trained with the French National Skating Team. I competed for 10 years, then skated professionally in an ice show, then coached for 5 years -my first of 3 careers!

Take a peek at some of Joel’s listings!