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7 Ways Buyers Can Personalize A Home Offer (And Seal The Deal)

women discussing real estate offer letter
Grab a seller’s attention by writing an offer letter that’s short, complimentary, and sincere.

You’ve found that must-have home after an exhaustive search but learn there may be another family or two (or three!) vying for the property. How do you arm yourself in this battle to the death — er, pop-up bidding war? Remember: The pen is mightier than the sword. One important weapon can be a personalized real estate offer letter that you write to the seller.

Here are seven ways to personalize such a letter, get the house, and enjoy those Scottsdale, AZ, valley views under a setting sun.

1. Flattery may get you somewhere after all

To let the seller know you’re speaking from the heart, use a complimentary tone early in your draft, listing what you most loved about the home. For example: “We can so see ourselves preparing meals for our family of six in your beautiful double-island kitchen,” or “Our daughter loved the shade of pink you painted the bedroom overlooking the pool.” These kinds of comments show a seller that you really inspected the home and appreciate the care that has gone into it. A quirky letter that you pretended your dog wrote might be an attention grabber too, but such a touch might require a little time and homework. (Perhaps the seller hates dogs and bemoans the thought of your Rottweiler tearing up the backyard.)

2. Don’t beat around any bushes

Make the real estate offer letter short, using a tone of honesty and sincerity. Telling the seller your entire life story may make that person lose interest early and cause them to skim or not read the rest of the letter. Three or four concise paragraphs that include what you like about the neighborhood or house should prove lengthy enough.

3. Don’t knock the home’s bushes

Your intent to replace that rock garden in front of the home with some lush greenery isn’t something to mention in your letter. Letting the seller know what you don’t like about a home could prove offensive and tip the balance toward another buyer in the bidding war.

4. Check your spelling and grammar

Although grammar may not have been your favorite subject in school, your seller may have been raised by an English-teacher mother who harped on Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style. Not comfortable with your spelling and grammar? Get your straight-A daughter or business-savvy friend to give the letter a good once-over.

5. Add a picture, video, or personal website

Once you’re comfortable with your letter’s tone, superlatives, spelling, and grammar, consider adding a proud family picture that shows who will be living in the home, including that daughter who likes the pretty pink bedroom that overlooks the pool. In today’s digital world, adding a video link in your real estate offer letter could be an extra touch that seals the deal. Or if you’re newlyweds and your wedding website is still live, add that link!

6. Include an important supporting letter

Have you gotten a mortgage preapproval letter? Include that with your offer letter. Perhaps your lender also will write a letter signifying such preapproval and express confidence in your financial ability — that’s something you can stick in the envelope too.

7. Sign it with appreciation

“Sincerely” and “best regards” are common signatures for business-related correspondence, yes, but complete your sincere message with a sign-off that’s also sincere. “We appreciate your taking the time to stay and offer comments during our agent’s tour of your lovely home” will play well with the seller — and maybe make your real estate offer letter rise above any others they have received.

Did you write a personalized real estate offer letter that grabbed a seller’s attention? Share in the comments!

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