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How to Boost Curb Appeal During a Drought

sprinkler watering dead dry front lawn
If your rain dance hasn’t paid off and the offers aren’t coming in, your drought-weary lawn could be to blame.

With drought conditions becoming more prevalent across the country, it’s in everyone’s best interest to learn a few robust landscaping techniques. This is especially true for a seller’s home with suddenly flagging front yard curb appeal.

It’s not rocket science; curb appeal is important. Trying to sell your home with listing photos of a dead, crispy front lawn is not ideal.

Use these front yard landscaping ideas to turn your water-starved lawn into an outdoor haven even in the midst of serious drought.

Lawn alternatives

Gone are the days of the predictable green grass lawn and a white picket fence. Born of necessity and creativity, many yards are now a mixture of stone and drought-tolerant perennials and shrubs.

If drought has turned your once-lush lawn into a crunchy brown mess, consider replacing it with a more drought-tolerant ground cover such as Asiatic jasmine or even pea gravel. No longer considered a lesser substitute, these materials require very little maintenance and give the home a more polished look all year.

Intermixing the gravel with stone pavers or big pieces of sandstone gives the space a more sophisticated and textured feel. Round out the stone with ground cover; they require very little water and fill the gaps between stones beautifully.

Drought-tolerant plants

There are probably plenty of colorful water-conserving plants and grasses to choose from at your local garden center. Using a mix of native sea grasses cuts down on watering as well as trimming. Forget the once-a-week mowing job. These grasses need tending only twice a year — also attractive to a buyer.

Water-conserving gardens can be as beautiful as any other and are also low- to no-maintenance. With weeding, trimming, and mulching in the rearview, install a hammock and enjoy your new space. Play up your nontraditional lawn in the listing comments and appeal to buyers who want to spend less time maintaining their outdoor space and more time actually enjoying it.

Faux lawn

If you’re in a time crunch and a bit of a lawn traditionalist, consider a very untraditional method: Paint your lawn green. Laughable? Not at all. Gaining in popularity, lawn paint looks real and is safe for both pets and children. It’s quick and budget-friendly as well. You can either call in the professionals to handle it or DIY with a quick purchase from your hardware store. And in the meantime, you’ll have time to install a rain barrel and start saving water to turn that grass green again next season.

Have you struggled with a drought-weary lawn while selling your home? Share your tips and stories in the comments below!