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Here Is a Method That Is Helping Renters Save Money

Conserving water is a smart way to cut expenses — and save a vital resource.

RentersSaveMoney0327Whether you’re responsible for your utilities and want to save money or your landlord covers your water bill but you want to conserve, there are lots of ways to save on your water bill. Many of them are very creative and incredibly effective. It’s important to save water wherever you can, even if you’re not paying for it yourself.

Start checking for leaks

Before moving into your rental, make sure your landlord goes over any faucets and water pipes with you, so you can discover any leaks. As time goes on, washers come loose, sinks start to drip, and toilets start to run all the time. If you notice your water bill going up or you’re watching your meter and spot fishy behavior, check for leaks. Pay attention to the bathtub, sinks, and toilets but also check the pipes beneath your sink, around your dishwasher and washing machine, and outside.

Limit your water usage

Long showers, running the water while brushing your teeth, refilling the tub again and again: These habits waste water. It’s easy to install water timers on sinks and in showers. Doing so alerts the user when they’ve had their fair share of water. Even if you can’t install anything in your rental, use regular timers to cut down on your usage.

Become a better washer

Making better choices when you’re cleaning will help as well. If you have a dishwasher, load it to capacity, don’t run it until it’s full, and cut down on hand-washing your cooking items. Since you run the water constantly when washing by hand, it’s a huge waste. If you don’t have a dishwasher, see if your landlord will install one or don’t run the water the entire time you wash dishes.

Employ the same techniques with your washing machine. Don’t run it unless it’s full. Try to wash bigger loads less often so that you don’t have to use it as often. You also don’t have to wash your clothing after every single wear. If it’s still in good condition and smells fresh, wear it at least once more.

Turn to smarter toilet techniques

You may also want to ask your landlord about installing a smart toilet. They conserve much more water per flush, so the money saved on the utility bill makes the purchase price and installation costs well worth it. Failing that, place a brick or a full plastic bottle in the back of the tank. That will cut down on the amount of water the toilet uses when you flush it.

Look out for the lawn

Do you have a sprinkler system or a garden that you water with the hose? It’s very likely that you waste a lot of water by watering your grass and plants too often. Your grass needs only about an hour every other day or two, and if you’re having a rainy week, even less. Check out the specific watering instructions for all your plants as well. Only water them when they need it.

Saving water saves you money each month, plus it’s better for the environment.

How do you conserve water? Share your strategies in the comments below.