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BREAKING: Gingerbread Family Runs As Fast As It Can (To Look For A New Home)

GingerFred has only 12 days before a bun in the oven makes him and his wife a family of three. Can they find a new home in time?

You know, it’s hard out here for a cookie. One minute you’ve got it all figured out — great wife (shout-out: GingerElla!), cozy apartment, and extra-shiny gumdrop buttons — and the next, an unexpected GingerBoy announcement crumbles your world.


With a bun in the oven and only 12 days before becoming a family of three, GingerFred turned to Trulia’s maps to decide in which direction he and his wife, GingerElla, should run, run, as fast as they can.

Taking into account the likelihood of temperate weather, the number of nearby grocery stores, and the concentration of bakeries (a gingerbread’s happy place), Trulia highly recommends these metros as the best cities for gingerbread families. To SoCal they go!

1. Torrance, CA

2. Scottsdale, AZ

3. Berkeley, CA

4. Santa Clarita, CA

5. Honolulu, HI

And considering a dislike of temperatures above or below 70 degrees, abhorrence of health food markets, and deep-seated fear of dentists, Trulia determined the worst cities for gingerbread families. Looks like Michigan’s off the list.

1. Detroit, MI

2. Flint, MI

3. Toledo, OH

4. Saginaw, MI

5. Newark, DE

Best and worst cities for gingerbread families

Think you deserve a sweet deal too? Stop staring at GingerFred’s frosting and check back every day to see how his family survives the 12-day house hunt. While you’re at it, you can enter to win $2K a day of Daily Dough every day from December 1 to December 12! Darn, it feels good to be a gingerbread.