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Found on Trulia: Mid-Century Modern for Sale in Phoenix

Let’s cut right to the chase: This Mid-Century Modern stunner is all about the views.

From its 2-acre perch upon a rocky foothill of Phoenix’s landmark North Mountain, this 4,013-square-foot home dishes out a little eye candy with each and every one of its picture windows. Sweeping, panoramic views were, after all, the calling card of Paul Christian Yaeger, the renowned Arizona architect responsible for the home’s Frank Lloyd Wright–inspired design.

Facing inward and away from the dazzle of the Sonoran Desert landscape, visitors will find more at which to marvel. Namely, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a fully loaded, futuristic kitchen, and an overall aesthetic that’s equal parts modern and organic. The price to be king of this mountain? Just under $900K.

Making full use of the home’s height, the dramatic entryway whets the appetite with just a taste of the home’s stunning views. A sputnik chandelier vies for attention overhead, while exposed flagstone and wood beams contribute to the home’s Mid-Century Modern-organic design.


Picture windows meet at an angle to form the home’s pointed, southern-facing facade, also the crystal-clear exterior wall of the wraparound living room. The result? The best views of any spot within the house — and that’s saying something.


Pivoting around a fireplace, the living area continues its domination of the home’s lower level. Here, a westward-facing window ensures that no sunset ever slips over the horizon unappreciated.



The warm honey tones of the vaulted ceilings are reflected in the home’s angular balcony, yet another lookout point within this private-residence-meets-crow’s-nest. The balcony punctuates a sleek stone fireplace and is accessible via the master suite.


An exercise in restraint, the minimalist decor of the gourmet kitchen and dining area directs focus toward the kinetic art taking place just outside. A sliding glass door provides easy access to a steel-railed patio and square pavers leading to the fire pit in the front yard.


No peep shows here: Windows in the master suite are confined to the topmost section of the exterior wall. Just below, an electric fireplace adds an element of warmth to the bedroom’s cozy sitting area.


An abundance of glass and right angles makes its way into the white-walled master bath and adjoining dressing area. Skylights, raw-wood shelving, and natural stone prevent the space from skewing too sterile.


There’s no need for an inspiration board in this home office, which supplants memos and framed photos with a sweeping view of the surrounding landscape. It’s a decidedly no-frills space that’s conducive to meeting deadlines — that is, unless you’d rather be hiking the mountains on the horizon.


The home really hits its stride once daylight fades and the lights of Phoenix begin to flicker and sparkle in the valley below. It’s a private show that occupants are treated to every evening, from nearly every space within the home. But outdoors, the performance is taken to new levels with the added ambiance of a fire pit and mild desert breezes.