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Mother’s Day: The Houses Of Our Favorite Movie Moms

How much would these iconic big-screen homes cost in real life? Trulia did the homework to find out.

Few on-screen performances are more moving (or hilarious!) than a great movie mom. Whether they make you weep (like Shirley MacLaine’s powerful role in Terms of Endearment) or roll your eyes and laugh (we’re looking at you, Frances McDormand in Almost Famous), they are completely unforgettable and some of the most beloved characters to ever grace the big screen. And in many cases, so are the places and spaces they called home.

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Trulia scouted out the homes where some of our favorite movie moms lived. Using Trulia estimates, we found out how much these six famous houses would cost today, from the little yellow bungalow in Manhattan Beach, CA, where Dorothy Boyd lives in Jerry Maguire to the on-screen Atlanta, GA, home of real-life interior designer and mom Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side. Take a look and let us know where you’d most like to be invited for dinner!

famous houses of movie moms