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Enter Now to Win $2,500 in Rent, Plus a Gorgeously Styled Space

Brought to you by Trulia, and our friends at Refinery29, Hayneedle, and Laurel & Wolf.

In partnership with our ever-stylish friends at Refinery29, the furniture gurus at, and design experts Laurel & Wolf, we bring you a style-packed giveaway to revamp your space. Whether you’re moving in with someone new, striving for small-space solutions, or simply need some fresh feng shui, head over to Refinery29 to win $2,500 for rent from Trulia, $1,000 to shop furniture and home decor at, and a custom room design from Laurel & Wolf.

Already in the process of mixing up your living situation? It can be tough to bring together two (or more!) new personalities, much less all the stuff that tends to come with them. Read on for useful tips to help ease the transition when moving in with someone new.