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BDSN or UFLH? Decode Your Home Personality

Taking the Trulia Buyers-Diggs Test is the first step; understanding your results is the second.

By now, you’ve taken the Trulia Buyers-Diggs Test. You may have even shared your results with your potential new roommate or your significant other to find out if your home personalities are a match.

(Haven’t taken the test yet? Go ahead and take it; we’ll wait.)

Each Buyers-Diggs home personality is tied to an acronym that sums up specific traits. There are social preferences like the Lone Wolf, as well as more budget-minded concerns for the Frugalist.



So even though you might be an Upscale Hedonist and your partner is a Suburban Sprawler, you’ll find that you both share the Deluxist trait — which means you’ll be able to connect over investing in your luxe (yet cozy) new pad.

Trust us, chatting through your preferred at-home vibes before you move is worth it. Now you’re ready to create a board on Trulia to save and share properties with your soon-to-be roommate or S.O.

Bonus: between now and April 30, 2015, everyone who creates a board on Trulia will automatically be entered for a chance to win $25,000 — $15,000 in cash, along with $10,000 merchandise credit to spend at One Kings Lane.