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The No-Cost, Totally Free Home Makeover

8 ways to refresh your space without breaking your budget.

There’s nothing like a quick home makeover to boost your spirits. Even the smallest change can brighten your mood and breathe new life into your space … and it’s possible to do even if you have absolutely no budget!

Complete these eight quick projects and simple ideas to revamp your pad this weekend without spending a dime.


Image credit: Design*Sponge

1. Cover a switch plate

Sometimes the tiniest tweaks have the biggest impact — something to keep in mind when you want to perk up a rental, where major overhauls are off the table.

That’s why we love this this easy light switch cover DIY from Design*Sponge. All you need is glue, a screwdriver, and a scrap of patterned paper (or even an eye-catching magazine page) to take a wall from plain and drab to charming and inspired.



Image credit: Chatelaine

2. Raise the roof

If you have low ceilings, or just want to open up a room a bit, here’s an easy trick: Simply take a curtain rod that’s installed just over the window frame and bump it up a few inches, closer to the ceiling.

Ideally, drapery should graze the bottom of the windowsill or the floor. Instant height!



Image credit: Apartment Therapy

3. Stack up a side table

Old magazines littering your living room? You could recycle them — or repurpose them into a clever side table.

It couldn’t be easier: just stack ’em up until you’re happy with the height. For a more pulled-together finish, top the stack with a cute acrylic or wooden tray and a potted plant.



Image credit: Café Johnsonia

4. Arrange some herbs

If you want a fragrant and cheap alternative to a floral arrangement, look no further than your herb garden. Whether you have some extra basil, sage, rosemary, or mint, a few stems in a pretty vase will look and smell as wonderful as a traditional bloom bouquet. Perfect for an instant pick-me-up and pop of color!



Image credit: Haute Hijab

5. Categorize your closet

One of the easiest ways to refresh your space? Clean up your closet!

“Categorize clothing by type — tank, short sleeve, long sleeve — for a fresh feel every time you ‘shop’ your wardrobe,” suggests professional organizer Ashley Murphy, co-founder of NEAT Method.

We like the idea of taking that one step further, grouping garments by type and color, as you might with books on a shelf. There’s something so Zen and happy about seeing a rainbow of fabrics when you go to get dressed.


6. Upcycle old glasses

This simple centerpiece idea from Better Homes and Gardens is beautiful and practical — grab a few old glasses or washed-out condiment jars, put a stem or two in each, and group them together on a windowsill or coffee table. So pretty!



Image credit: SheKnows

7. Show off some citrus

It’s an often-overlooked trick that pro florists use all the time for weddings and other events: fill a few glass vases or bowls with lemons, limes, or oranges, and line them up for all to see. In this case, nature’s fresh hues do practically all the work for you.



Image credit: Stagetecture

8. Reinvent your nightstand

Been craving a “new” piece for your bedroom? Also feeling crafty? We’re in love with this quick nightstand makeover from Stagetecture.

By removing a drawer and covering the empty slot in leftover patterned contact paper, you’ll create a shelf space that really pops behind anything you display inside. For even more impact, add a fresh coat of paint (especially if you have some left over from another project).