Is Your City a Rental Muttropolis for Pet Owners?

Curious about how your city stacks up? Trulia put together a list of the best and worst cities to rent with pets.

They are the worst roommates — howling all night, waking you at the crack of dawn, then deciding to “redecorate” your furniture while you’re at work all day (though Fido swears your favorite antique couch blew up, and he didn’t actually rip the cushions off).

Good news for pet owners: across the country, more and more cities are allowing — and even welcoming — pets into daily life, and landlords are following the trend by renting their homes and apartments to tenants with furry roommates in tow.

So when you and your trusted sidekick decide to hit the road and set sights on a new town, where should you head?

Portland or Seattle, where it’s known to rain cats and dogs? Or head south, to Dallas or Atlanta, where you can take catnaps in the sun during the dog days of summer, but (according to our research) you may be workin’ like a dog to pay that pet rent?

In honor of National Pet Month, we’ve created an infographic to help you decide which “muttropolis” is right for you.

Is Your City a Rental Muttropolis for Pet Owners?