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Author: Michael Corbett

father and son stretching on trail run
3 min read

12 Things That Make A Neighborhood Truly Great

When you’re in the market for a new place to live, it helps to remember the golden rule of real e...
Michael Corbett
signs about annoying neighbors
5 min read

Are You An Annoying Neighbor? 9 Ways To Tell

Neighbors. We all have them — beside us, above us, or below us. The good news? According to a Tru...
Michael Corbett
How to find a fixer upper home like this
3 min read

How To Tell The Fixer-Uppers From The Flops

Buying a place that needs some work is a tried-and-true formula for getting more house for your m...
Michael Corbett
Dog performing home inspections and roof inspection
3 min read

8 Things Your Home Inspector Won’t Inspect

Inspection day is exciting. It’s an opportunity to spend an extended period in your new-to-you Ne...
Michael Corbett
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woman shoveling for sale house
3 min read

From Brrr To Bought: Rules For Selling During Winter Months

Whether you’re listing your home for sale in New York, NY, or Birmingham, AL, the winter months c...
Michael Corbett
french press on table
3 min read

8 Tips For A Winning Winter Open House

It’s wet, it’s cold, and knowing that you have to bundle up in boots, coats, and scarves to go ou...
Michael Corbett
checkmate in chess
2 min read

The 10 Sins Of Selling

When it comes to Miami, FL real estate, Seattle, WA real estate, and just about everywhere in bet...
Michael Corbett
Child in Cardboard Box
4 min read

10 Expensive Budget Mistakes New Homeowners Make

Shelling out the dough for your house’s down payment was probably the biggest hit your bank accou...
Michael Corbett