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Author: Jen Juneau

home for sale in Austin TX with $1500 estimated mortgage payment
3 min read

Here’s What A $1,500 Mortgage Payment Looks Like

There are many factors to consider when you’re planning a major purchase — especially if that pur...
Jen Juneau
Famous houses for sale in Rancho Mirage, CA
4 min read

Can You Believe (Insert Famous Name) Slept Here?

Real estate agents and mortgage brokers have plenty of acronyms and abbreviations for industry te...
Jen Juneau
cat hiding in storage bin - reasons to start your house search
6 min read

16 Signs It’s Time To Move To A New House

Moving isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do. Aside from the physical process of shifting everythin...
Jen Juneau
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Everything you need to know about homebuying

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apartment coworking space
3 min read

Two For One: Apartment & Coworking Space For Free

Even if it’s just occasional, many of us work from home. But if you’re a frequent work-from...
Jen Juneau
Studio Apartments for Rent
3 min read

Tiny Studios With Massive Style

Sure, there are lots of perks to having more space. But small spaces have a lot going for them to...
Jen Juneau
kid taking photos with play camera
5 min read

6 Photos That Can Save Renters Money

When you’re moving into a new apartment, it can be tempting to immediately dump all your stuff, r...
Jen Juneau
woman searching for a mortgage calculator
4 min read

How To Find The Best Mortgage Calculator

Buying a home can feel like being tossed in a blender full of decisions and paperwork. With every...
Jen Juneau