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A New Krib for Kim Kardashian?

It’s no secret Kim Kardashian lives a very public life. With the ever-present reality show cameras trailing her to capture every riveting moment of her life, it’s not really a shocker that she’s also facing the very scary downside of fame – the stalkers, creepers and unwanted guests ringing her front doorbell. It was reported that last week, an unknown man showed up at Kim’s home in Beverly Hills with a ring (not the 20.5 carat ones that she prefers), but a ring of her doorbell. The man showed up with luggage and sources say that he stated that he was there to stay with the TV star and he was supposed to be working on her reality show. Kim freaked, the cops were called, and the man was removed from the premises.

TMZ first reporting the stalker and now says that Kim has decided that she needs a new, more private place to call home. She’s interested in exclusive gated communities in Los Angeles, including Mullhulland Estates, where Paris Hilton, Charlie Sheen and Robbie Williams all own massive mansions. Lucky for Kim, there is a killer home on the rental market within Mullhulland Estates that is right up her alley.

Located on one of the best lots in Mulholland Estates, this property on exclusive Durham Road is for rent for $40,000 a month. This unique 4 bedroom, 6 bathroom home was designed with Craftsman-Asian fused architectural and is surrounded by lush, tropical landscape giving the property a private and luxurious setting that Kim craves, all while boasting breathtaking Los Angeles views.

While Kim says she wants privacy and to fly as under-the-rader as possible, we all know that wherever Kim moves next, the cameras will be there to document her every move.