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QUIZ: 8 Questions That Predict What Kind Of House You’ll Buy

9 Habits That Predict What Kind Of House You’ll Buy
The way we live our lives holds the key to what kind of home we'd be most comfortable in.

Before you even start the house hunt, you probably have an idea of what types of houses appeal to you most. But your habits often predict what type of home would be your best match. Maybe you love to entertain, so the idea of an open floor plan and a big kitchen — with room for a double oven and a butler’s pantry — makes you swoon.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a cozy Colonial home for sale in Alexandria, VA, or a cute townhouse for sale in Atlanta, answer these eight questions to find out where you’re destined to dwell.

Are you a Modern Millie, longing for a sleek home like this one at 444 Ashton Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, or are you Totally Traditional, looking for a brick home like this one at 2210 Belle Haven Road, Alexandria, VA 22307? Maybe living in a historic Charleston Single House like this one at 14 Greenhill St., Charleston, SC 29401 would feel like heaven — or perhaps you’d prefer less upkeep and a smaller abode like this townhouse at 4962 Warmstone Way SE, Atlanta, GA 30339.