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6 Signs Your Real Estate Agent Is Secretly a Fairy Godparent

If your real estate agent seems able to make problems disappear like magic, lucky you!

As in most professions, in real estate, there are good real estate agents … and there are not-so-good agents. But there also are some magical agents out there. You know the type — when they walk into the room, all issues seem to melt away. Problems seem to be solved with a snap of their fingers.

How did they do that? you wonder. If you suspect trickery is afoot, fear not. We have the 411 on the signs your agent may indeed moonlight as a fairy godparent.

1. They can cast a spell

Negotiation is an art form, and the negotiator, the ultimate artist. If your agent doesn’t just speak, but weaves a melody of words capable of soothing even the most savage of listing agents, count your lucky stars.

Even the most seemingly hopeless real estate snafus can be saved by an agent with the gift of gab. They are true miracle workers, leaving the other party with a sense of satisfaction when the conversation went just as they planned. Score!

2. They have a bag of magic tricks

Magical agents surround themselves with other magicians. Case in point: When buying a house, the inspection is critical — which is why some brokers work exclusively with a seasoned inspector armed with an infrared camera. (It’s true.)

Reading differences in temperature, the camera can help pinpoint possible moisture and insulation issues. A room with a fresh coat of paint appears perfect on the surface but could be hiding costly issues underneath.

And then you have two choices: either walk away or ask your agent to cast their spell.

3. They have secret skills

Maybe your agent has an eye for interior design and can effortlessly rearrange your for-sale home, leaving problem areas that have plagued you for years suddenly transformed into the best spaces in the house.

They know the perfect shade of gray (off the top of their heads) to paint your screened-in porch and pull some throw pillows from their car to round out the room. They’re the Tim Gunn of staging — they make it work.

4. They can make things appear and disappear

Seasoned agents have seen it all. You benefit from their experience and connections. It’s almost as if solutions appear out of thin air.

When a snafu pops up and your mortgage broker needs a few more days to close? No problem. Your agent wrote in a clause automatically extending the contract for five business days.

Your open house is tomorrow and your backyard is suddenly covered in leaves? Don’t worry. Your agent has a lawn care business on retainer and they’re already en route. It all becomes seamless with a quality agent at the helm.

5. They have good-luck charms

If the selling market is tough, they bring over statues of St. Joseph and St. Jude — patron saints of house sellers and hopeless causes, respectively — just to cover all bases.

They have a rabbit’s foot in their pocket and wore their lucky suit when holding the brokers’ open house last Tuesday. Regardless of your religious affiliation, a dash of superstition might buoy spirits as you battle the market.

6. They have an entourage of skilled protégés

In some cases, your agent may have a team of people behind the scenes — a handpicked squad trained to operate efficiently with their can-do attitudes, all focused on the same goal: your housing needs.

Picture that you’ve just toured your dream home and you’re standing in the driveway discussing an offer price. On cue, your agent’s phone vibrates with three smokin’, relevant comps fully supporting your lowball offer. Full-on magic.

Skilled agents with a specialty are precious resources. Once you find one, treat them as such so they don’t bibbidi-bobbidi-boo disappear on you.