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5 Spring Home Maintenance Projects

Exterior of a home and its front yard on a warm spring day.
With winter behind us, it’s time to freshen up for the warmer weather ahead.

Depending on where you live, you might be convinced that Mother Nature is playing a cruel joke. But regardless of your address, spring is officially here which means it’s time to spruce up the old house.

According to Trulia, summer is the hottest season for real estate so if you’re thinking of listing soon, spring is your last opportunity to make those home improvements. If you missed out on winter home repairs, here are a few home maintenance items to tackle as spring puts the spring back in your step.

Check those gutters

The weight of snow, falling branches, and cold temperatures can wreak havoc with your home’s gutters. Grab a ladder (and a buddy) and give your gutters the once-over. Check for blockages caused by debris and leaves, make sure seams are firmly held together, and clear the drainage ways as you prep for spring rains.

Clear that chimney

Do you have a home with a chimney? If you live in the Midwest, it’s highly likely you do.

While the singing chimney sweep from Mary Poppins might not fit the bill, every home needs a professional this time of year. Make an appointment for an inspection — they’ll check the mortar, flue, and ensure it’s in good repair before the spring rains.

Inspect outside water connections

Sometimes our garden hose don’t make it inside during the winter. Now is a good time to check your hoses for rips, tears, and breaks, as well as check the spigots coming out of the house for any cold-related damage.

Remember: thawing still-frozen pipes is a delicate process and to avoid damage, pipes are best thawed slowly. This is one case where slow and steady wins the race (and saves your wallet).

Tune-up your cooling system

Before the heat of late spring and summer set in, have an HVAC professional inspect both your central and window air conditioning units. While you’re waiting for them to arrive, go ahead and replace your air filters for good measure.

Review your roof

The most expensive (and most unwelcomed) repairs are from the damage we can’t see — inspecting your roof each spring is a must. Houselogic has an extensive checklist for seasonal roof inspections, designed to keep you ahead of costly repairs and keep small problems from becoming big ones.

The roof over your head has been good to you. Why not be good to it in return by giving it a little post-winter TLC?

What home projects are on your mind this time of year? Share in the comments below!