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5 Smart Staging Tips

Follow this advice to get your home sell-ready.

There’s more than one type of staging.  There are staging strategies for when you sell your home, and then there’s everyday staging to help your home look beautiful and comfortable—and uniquely yours. After all, your home’s style should feel like a true reflection of you, and that goes beyond just pieces of furniture.

Once you’ve built a collection of sentimental and aesthetic accessories, it’s time to figure out where they should go—all while keeping clutter to a minimum. Check out these 5 tips for smart staging to make your home your own.

1. Staging a Bookshelf

Assuming the reason that you bought a bookshelf in the first place was to store books, put those in first. Start from the bottom so that the higher shelves (around eye-level) can be used for accessories. If your book collection is big, turn some of the books on their side and stack so that room can be made for frames, vases or ornaments. Try grouping books by color and size to achieve a unique look.

2. Take in the Whole Canvas

If you’re creating a vignette like this, it’s important to step back and look at the big picture. Make sure the area is balanced in both colorways and spacing—you don’t want your “canvas” to look lopsided.

3. Styling your Art Collection

Don’t worry if you have more artwork than your walls can handle. Stand  items on a low piece of furniture to add depth to your gallery wall and draw the eye upwards, making your ceilings look higher. Keep in mind that frames will always make your space more put together—no taping posters to the wall!

4. Floor Space Utilized

Take advantage of the empty space under side tables and place tall vases or ornaments on the floor. (Bonus points if they compliment whatever is sitting on top of the table.) Use the things you love to fill the empty spaces in your home. Keep things neat by balancing object sizes – large on the floor, small on top!

5. Finding the Balance

Floating shelves make use of open wall space, and when strategically placed above dressers or tables, they can create really beautiful vignettes. The best staging is a balance between stored items and technically superfluous accessories, so make sure you have a good amount of both in each scenario. Grouping similar things together makes for a pretty picture. Keep things personal by adding items from your life, like a few succulents or seashells/rocks/pieces collected on a beach vacation.

Photo Credits: Homepolish