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Wallingford Real Estate Insights

Wallingford is located in Seattle, Washington.

If you pride yourself on having a palette for satisfying, tasty high-end cuisine, you will probably enjoy the highly-rated restaurants in Wallingford, including Malaysian, pizza and Japanese. This locale has some great nightlife venues, which offer a good variety of options for you. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors and keep yourself active with activities such as playing at the park, boating and diving in this neighborhood. Variety is the key to satisfying the shopping enthusiast and Wallingford has the diversity to please; musical instrument stores, art galleries and arts & crafts shops are just some of the fantastic stores found in the area. Statistics show that this locale is a safe place to live. Commuting to work or school and back will not be an issue here due to the excellent public transit systems in place. Wallingford really values the environment and is aiming to reduce its carbon footprint, so residents ride bicycles to and from work whenever they can.

Graduates tend to be attracted to Wallingford, with the many of the locals being college-educated. This area is popular among singles; new residents will soon discover that a large number of their neighbors are not presently married.

One thing that makes Wallingford interesting is the fact that so many homes were built decades ago, as can be seen by the large number of architectural styles around. The average home listing price in this locale, currently at $693,587, decreased modestly 4.6 percent from $727,227 last year. Inventory increased year-over-year, albeit minimally at 12.5 percent, from 16 to 18 listings. Nonetheless, a bigger scope allows buyers interested in Wallingford more options when narrowing down their search based on personal criteria. The gas fireplaces that can be found in several homes in this neighborhood offer a good balance between efficient heating and ease of maintenance. In this neighborhood it is possible to find some homes that provide gorgeous lake views, offering beautiful sunsets right on the porch. Some of the homes in Wallingford have hardwood floors that have been professionally refinished, giving you the aesthetics of an original feature with the peace of mind that it's in good condition.