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West Longview Real Estate Insights

West Longview is located in Longview, Washington.
West Longview is primarily home to married couples, which makes it a great place for anyone looking to settle down and start a family. A number of this vicinity's members value the idea that the population consists of more females than males.
In West Longview, the average listing price is currently at $182,901 this year. However, this figure represents a noticeable 7.9 percent drop from the year prior, and declining prices could help new buyers enter the market more comfortably in the near future. Meanwhile, inventory noticeably declined 33.3 percent to 8 homes for sale, creating an arguably more competitive market for buyers looking to relocate here. Various houses in this neighborhood incorporate walk-in closets which are ideal for people who want to store their belongings in an orderly fashion. A variety of homes in West Longview offer authentic fireplaces to keep the home warm during winter days and nights.