Summer Creek, Fort Worth Homes For Sale & Real Estate

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Summer Creek Real Estate Insights

Summer Creek is located in Fort Worth, Texas.
Public data indicates that Summer Creek has a low crime rate.
Most of the homes in Summer Creek are owned by people who found the area an ideal place to build a life, giving the area a strong sense of community. A good proportion of this neighborhood's residents are college-educated, and degree holders generally feel favorably about moving to the area. If you are looking to host couples' nights for your neighbors, be prepared for a lot of guests, as most homeowners in Summer Creek are happily married. According to public data, people living in this neighborhood have higher-than-average income.
The average home listing price in Summer Creek, currently at $264,883, decreased modestly 0.3 percent from $265,796 last year. Inventory rose by a whopping 75 percent year-over-year. The number of listings on the market increased from 4 to 7 this year, greatly expanding the range of options for buyers searching for homes here. More than a handful of residences in this neighborhood are fitted with granite kitchen countertops; a quality surface that is easy to clean. There are plenty of private swimming pools around Summer Creek, providing each home with its own private oasis for relaxation and fun-filled sunny afternoons for the entire family.