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Downtown Providence Real Estate Insights

Downtown Providence is located in Providence, Rhode Island.
If eating is one of your favorite past times, your appetite will take you all over the world - with choices such as sushi bars, gastropubs and fondue - as you frequent the many restaurants in Downtown Providence. When it comes to nightlife, it doesn't matter whether you prefer a loud or a relaxing ambience; there is something for everyone in this neighborhood. Whatever the day of the week, let yourself be whisked away by one of the various popular artistic and cultural hotspots such as performing arts spots, cinemas and music halls around Downtown Providence. Keep yourself fit and active with one of the many activities on offer here; playing at the park, skating and training at fitness centers is just one of them. This neighborhood has a good number of stores such as jewelers, shopping centers and art galleries; you will likely find a store that will suit your needs. With Downtown Providence offering so many sidewalks and walking areas, using your feet to get to work or anywhere else is a snap.
The percentage of homes being lived in by their owners is low, with many properties in Downtown Providence serving as rentals. You'll have no trouble fitting in if you're young, whether it be physically or mentally, since the residents of this area are mostly younger people. The median income in this neighborhood is lower than average.
In Downtown Providence, the average listing price is currently at $753,771 this year. However, this figure represents a noticeable 10.4 percent drop from the year prior, and declining prices could help new buyers enter the market more comfortably in the near future. During the same period, inventory is noticeably increasing in this neighborhood year-over-year, with a 20 percent increase in for-sale listings last year alone. Some homes in Downtown Providence have walk-in closets that make the perfect place to store and display all your outfits. This neighborhood has many healthy and happy residents thanks to the many different fitness centers in the area. A handful of homes in Downtown Providence have hardwood floors throughout, adding extra style to each room and also making cleaning that bit easier.