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Autzen Real Estate Insights

Autzen is located in Eugene, Oregon.
The average home listing price in Autzen increased between last year and this year, from $345,303 to $382,335, or 10.7 percent. This recent rise provides local homeowners with confidence in their home value growth without pricing future buyers out of the market. At the same time, inventory decreased slightly year-over-year in this neighborhood by 2.9 percent, reaching a total of 68 homes on the market in this year. Granite kitchens are a feature in many of Autzen's residential properties, adding style and luxury that can still withstand everyday use. Walk-in closets are an incredibly convenient way to store and access your belongings, and you'll find them in a fair number of homes around this neighborhood. There is a selection of homes here that offer authentic fireplaces to help keep you and your family warm through winter.