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10465 Real Estate Insights

ZIP code 10465 is located in Bronx, New York.
In ZIP code 10465 you'll find some amazing nightlife places, which offer a wide variety of options for everyone.
Many homes in ZIP code 10465 are not lived in by the owners, so there are plenty of rentals available throughout the year.
Last year, average home listing prices in ZIP code 10465 decreased 6 percent, perhaps reflecting the waning popularity of the local area. The average listing price this year is $421,104 from a previous $448,199. Meanwhile, the number of homes on the market declined marginally by 12.1 percent. Inventory reached 109 listings in this year, Some residential properties in this area are stucco homes; this durable finish is attractive to look at while also having the advantage of being easy to care for. A good number of kitchens in this area offer built-in stainless steel appliances that can be polished to a beautiful sheen with minimal effort. The tiled bathrooms in the homes around ZIP code 10465 are easy to maintain, and their neutral tones allow you to easily personalize your bathroom decor.