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Colgate Center Real Estate Insights

Colgate Center is a neighborhood located in Jersey City, New Jersey.
If you have cravings for foods such as Turkish, Indian and sandwiches, then you'll love Colgate Center which features many delicious restaurants. With all of the stores available here, it's an exciting place to shop whether you're looking for something new or just out window shopping. Colgate Center features a significantly lower crime rate than is the average for most US localities; one would most certainly feel safe in this community. This place is served by an impressive variety of public transportation services, making it easy to get to work without the hassle of driving. Colgate Center is a place that is great for working out and getting healthy since you can easily join the other residents walking their daily commute.
Colgate Center will likely see many new residents moving in over time, as a good number of the homes are not lived in by the people who own them. This vicinity has a fairly high percentage of college graduates, and the area continues to appeal to the educated. Not many married couples have settled down in Colgate Center; it just seems to appeal more to singles. Regarding wealth, people living in this location tend to have a higher income.
Living in Colgate Center comes at a cost of $1,042,714. Home prices here marginally dropped 3.4 percent this year. Last year, this area featured 14 listings, and in this year, the number of homes for sale prominently increased to 18, a 28.6 percent escalation. Buyers looking for a property with lovely waterfront views will find plenty of potential homes to choose from in Colgate Center. The fitness centers around this vicinity offer plenty of different ways to work out so you can do something different every day of the week and never get bored of exercising. There is a variety of different swimming pools to be found in the homes around here, some of them adding great aesthetic value with features such as beautiful tiling and waterfalls.