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Carpenter Village Real Estate Insights

Carpenter Village is a neighborhood located in Cary, North Carolina.
Carpenter Village features a significantly lower crime rate than is the average for most US localities; one would most certainly feel safe in this community.
The residents of Carpenter Village have a high percentage of college-educated among them - well over the national average. When it comes to affluence, residents in this neighborhood tend to be richer.
Real estate prices in Carpenter Village are relatively stable compared to places of similar size, with [an average listing price of $599,362] and a small increase of 0.8 year-over-year. A handful of properties in this neighborhood have a swimming pool so you can enjoy pool parties with family and friends all summer long. If you have a busy family with kids and pets, the hardwood floors in many of this neighborhood's homes are easy to clean and have an attractive look. A handful of residential properties in Carpenter Village feature family rooms so you are sure to have plenty of space to relax or play with family and friends.