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Standish Real Estate Insights

Standish is a neighborhood located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
No more looking over your shoulder when you're in Standish with its lower-than-average crime rate. There are many convenient stops around this place for public transportation, showing the community why it is the preferred mode of transportation to easily reach your destination. Thanks to the wide roads, abundant bike paths, and high safety awareness, riding bicycles is a popular activity here.
Given how long ago many of the homes in Standish were built, you're sure to find something with an interesting and unique style. Home values in this neighborhood are decreasing heavily year-over-year. In this year, the average listing price has dropped a whopping 22 percent to reach $151,218. The market grew more competitive during the same time frame, with inventory prominently dropping 36.4 percent from 11 to 7 homes on the market. The kitchens of homes in this area feature a lot of woodwork that is sure to give the home an elegant look. Fans of 20th century architecture will be excited to see that bungalow homes are a fairly common sight in Standish. Large meals on special family occasions can be enjoyed in the buffet-style dining rooms that are common in this place.