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Highlands Douglass Real Estate Insights

Highlands Douglass is located in Louisville, Kentucky.

No need to travel for hours for the greatest deals, Highlands Douglass is home to a variety of shops, such as art galleries, home & garden stores and flower shops. Whether you're going out on a date or with some friends, the nightlife in this area gives you a wide range of venues to choose from. The gyms around this neighborhood have a lot to offer and the trainers who work there will motivate you to get into shape if you have let things slide recently. If you pride yourself on having a palette for satisfying, tasty high-end cuisine, you will probably enjoy the highly-rated restaurants in this place, including Cuban, Asian fusion and Mediterranean. You'll probably sleep better at night in Highlands Douglass, an area statistically demonstrated to be low in crime.

College graduates looking to live among others like themselves will feel at home here as many residents in Highlands Douglass have a college degree. This neighborhood fosters a great social scene for singles, as the majority of people who live here are not married.

One thing that makes Highlands Douglass interesting is the fact that so many homes were built decades ago, as can be seen by the large number of architectural styles around. This neighborhood's real estate market is picking up 58.5 percent by average listing price, year-over-year. Last year, [the average listing price was $257,930] and rose to $408,829 in this year. Such a large surge is a positive trend for current homeowners and new buyers in the local area looking to profit from rapidly increasing property values. In terms of inventory, the number of homes for sale increased marginally year-over-year by 9.1 percent, a positive trend for future house hunters looking to buy a piece of Highlands Douglass's real estate. Families with a need for plentiful storage space will appreciate the walk-in closets often featured in homes in this area, affording room to keep all your belongings organized. Landscaped yards are a common feature in this neighborhood's homes, giving the area an attractive look. The residential properties with fireplaces in this location provide the warm, cozy atmosphere that is perfect for a night in with your loved ones.