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Aqualane Shores Real Estate Insights

Aqualane Shores is located in Naples, Florida.
Most homes in Aqualane Shores are lived in by their owner, which can make it hard to find a vacancy. The percentage of college-educated adults in this place is on the higher side. If you want to get out of the fast lane and enjoy a quiet life, this place is a wonderful area filled with fellow retirees. In terms of the wealth of residents in Aqualane Shores, their incomes tend to be higher than average.
With [an average listing price of $4,990,714], home prices in Aqualane Shores dropped by 4.4 percent this year, but the marginal decline did little to the overall market. At the same time, inventory increased slightly by 4.4 percent to reach 47 listings in this year. Several residential properties in Aqualane Shores have swimming pools so prepare yourself to host plenty of pool parties for your friends and family. Many of the houses in this region have had professional landscaping done, so the outsides are just as attractive as the interiors of the homes. Many of the residential properties around here have fireplaces that can offer warm and romantic evenings with your partner.