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Olympus Real Estate Insights

Olympus is located in Jupiter, Florida.
The percentage of college-educated people in Olympus is higher than the national average by a good margin. This place has a high percentage of female residents, so any men that make the move here will find themselves outnumbered. When you're considering retirement and are looking for a quiet place to settle down in, you should be considering Olympus, where most residents are retired and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Based on census data, residents of this neighborhood have incomes that are above the norm.
Living in Olympus comes at a cost of $887,184. Home prices here marginally dropped 2 percent this year. At the same time, inventory decreased slightly year-over-year in this area by 3.6 percent, reaching a total of 27 homes on the market in this year. Quite a few properties in this location feature granite kitchens, a luxury that will give you beautiful surroundings in which to prepare your meals. Due to the fact that quite a few residential properties in this neighborhood have pools, neighbors often spend their time relaxing outdoors. Some of the homes in Olympus are equipped with balconies that have space to enjoy the weather with a cocktail, or simply to relax and read a book.