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Edgewater Landing Real Estate Insights

Edgewater Landing is located in Edgewater, Florida.
The average resident in Edgewater Landing is older than in most places which makes this a mature and reputable community to reside in.
Buying a home to live in Edgewater Landing costs an average price of $159,420 as of this year. The average listing price is a small increase of 0.7 percent from the year prior. Inventory rose by a whopping 100 percent year-over-year. The number of listings on the market increased from 7 to 14 this year, greatly expanding the range of options for buyers searching for homes here. Quite a few homes around Edgewater Landing have kitchens with islands, which are a great place to have the children do their homework while you prepare dinner and help them. Make your home the place to be during the summer by choosing one of the residential properties in this neighborhood that come with a swimming pool. Residents in this neighborhood tend to be healthier than usual, possibly due to the area's good selection of fitness centers.