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Overlook Real Estate Insights

Overlook is located in Walnut Creek, California.
It's important to take safety into consideration, and Overlook offers plenty, thanks to the low crime rate of the area. The smartest way to commute here is certainly by using public transport, and many residents choose this option.
In Overlook, you have a good chance of finding highly educated people living nearby. Residents of this neighborhood generally have higher earnings than average.
Last year in Overlook, the average listing price was $1,005,833, and increased 2.7 percent to $1,032,875 this year. During the same period, inventory noticeably declined by 38.5 percent, somewhat narrowing the range of options for buyers looking to move to this neighborhood. Everyone with a child or a pet knows that hardwood floors are a must for keeping a clean house, and that is why many homes in Overlook offer this feature.