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Lake Street Real Estate Insights

Lake Street is located in San Francisco, California.

No need for big chains to get a good cup of coffee and catch up with friends - Lake Street has many independent cafes to sip on some joe and chit chat. There are various places here to help keep you looking beautiful such as hair salons, eyelash salons and skin care shops to help you unwind and stay fresh after a long week. If you have always wanted to live close to an area that boasts great activities such as training at fitness centers, golfing and going to summer camps to keep you busy and active, this neighborhood is the place to be. Everyone in this neighborhood is very focused on preventing crime and keeping an eye out; it is a very organized community effort. At this place, you'll soon realize that the favorite and easiest way to get around is taking public transportation due to the numerous accessible stations available.

Lake Street has some homes that are no longer occupied, but many of the homes have actually been renovated to meet standards for rental properties. This vicinity is populated by quite a few smart, college-educated people with impressive degrees. Lake Street is a great place for singles to live; many of the residents are unmarried and enjoy an active lifestyle.

A handful of properties in Lake Street are Edwardian style, giving the place a classic and timeless look which will make you think you've stepped back in time. The hardwood floors available in a significant number of homes in this neighborhood are attractive and easy-to-maintain for families with pets or young children. Showcasing the beauty of your home is easy when you choose one of the properties here that feature professional outdoor landscaping.