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Orinda Downs Real Estate Insights

Orinda Downs is located in Orinda, California.
There is a fantastic public transit system serving Orinda Downs that many residents make use of for commuting and leisure. In this neighborhood, which is home to many bicycle commuters, getting around on four wheels typically means you're just riding a bike with a friend.
A high percentage of homes in Orinda Downs are owner-occupied, and residents have found the area to be a welcoming, and friendly community. There's something about this neighborhood that seems to attract college graduates so you'll find that a fair number of your neighbors hold a degree. The high number of married couples residing here attests to the fact that this locale is a great place to raise a family. Residents of this neighborhood tend be wealthier and have greater income.
Orinda Downs's home prices displayed strong decreases over the past year. The average listing price this year is $2,822,500, a significant 27.2 percent drop from the year prior. Concurrently, inventory remarkably rose year-over-year by a whopping 100 percent, from 2 to 4 for-sale listings. Individuals and families looking to move to this neighborhood have a much wider variety of options when it comes time to narrow search criteria and ultimately decide on a dream home.