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Tri-City Real Estate Insights

Tri-City is located in Oceanside, California.
You'll probably sleep better at night in Tri-City, an area statistically demonstrated to be low in crime.
Home prices in Tri-City didn't see much movement last year with a slight 4 percent drop in average listing price, but with a $395,816 average listing price this year, buyers can still enter the market with confidence. Concurrently, inventory remarkably rose year-over-year by a whopping 66.7 percent, from 3 to 5 for-sale listings. Individuals and families looking to move to this neighborhood have a much wider variety of options when it comes time to narrow search criteria and ultimately decide on a dream home. The various one-story homes in this area offer an elegantly simple floor plan while still providing enough space to make your house feel like a home. The granite countertops in some of this location's homes add to the impressive quality and ease of cleanup that a home cook needs.